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Uploaded by magdah at 00:01 on 21 September
Posted at 11:03   Tue, Oct 22 2013   by bxhgsiuc:

We are there as a sacred trust for people, so we are very careful. When it comes back down, you'll feel ravenous.

Posted at 15:40   Sun, Mar 02 2014   by Buddy:

QuotesChimp have merely scraped the top of possible conflicts that may occur between an insurance provider and the casualty.

Posted at 12:41   Sun, Jul 13 2014   by Pooman:

Boo! No updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 22:41   Mon, Jul 14 2014   by Magda:

Updates *will* continue, I've had some technical problems. Now that those are fixed, I just have to figure out what storyline I was going to start. There may be some more one-shots before then.




Posted 11:42
Fri September 20
by magdah

Hey hey! We're not quite ready with the project I mentioned, but, I finally made a facebook page!
So, if you like facebook, and the comic, you should smash those two together, like peanut butter and honey. https://www.facebook.com/doomedlegioncomics

Do feel free to link your friends, post your favorite comics, or funny stories in relation to comics, I'd love to see them all. =)

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