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My CMS isn't cooperating, it seems able to edit old comics, but not load new ones. I am accepting ideas.

Uploaded by magdah at 12:28 on 16 March
Posted at 11:03   Tue, Oct 22 2013   by bxhgsiuc:

We are there as a sacred trust for people, so we are very careful. When it comes back down, you'll feel ravenous.

Posted at 15:40   Sun, Mar 02 2014   by Buddy:

QuotesChimp have merely scraped the top of possible conflicts that may occur between an insurance provider and the casualty.

Posted at 12:41   Sun, Jul 13 2014   by Pooman:

Boo! No updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 22:41   Mon, Jul 14 2014   by Magda:

Updates *will* continue, I've had some technical problems. Now that those are fixed, I just have to figure out what storyline I was going to start. There may be some more one-shots before then.



Life, and other stuff

Posted 09:27
Sun March 15
by magdah

It was brought to my attention that I never got back to the comics I had been planning, so, um, sorry about that. For those of you still checking, comics will return, probably Monday!

Thanks for sticking around, or coming back, and of course you, new reader. =)

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