It Begins!

Comic #1

Uploaded by magdah at 16:20 on 29 August
Posted at 11:22   Sat, Nov 26 2011   by garrymoore:

hi to all www.doomedlegioncomics.comers this is my first post and thought i would say hello to you all -
speak soon
garry m

Posted at 00:48   Sun, Nov 27 2011   by Magda:

Hi Gary, welcome.

Posted at 12:50   Mon, Dec 05 2011   by Magda:

Also, we usually use "Doomed Legionaires."



Comics Are Back!

Gravatar Posted 09:36
Mon August 29
by joelc

You may have noticed that the comics were never updated for some six months or more. We had some problems, most of which involved forgetting the password, but that's all fixed! Now we'll have semi-regular updates again! Check back for what I just said. Brought to you by Doomed Legion Industries, working to bring you a slightly improved tomorrow!

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