Star Wars RPG: Thumb Wars

Comic #111

Uploaded by magdah at 00:01 on 16 December
Posted at 20:16   Mon, Dec 19 2011   by Joel:

Did anyone else notice that the Jim character looks like me with an evil moustache?

Posted at 09:54   Tue, Dec 20 2011   by Magda:

Jim's face is more rounded.

Posted at 22:15   Sat, Sep 14 2013   by Faith:

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Posted at 08:45   Tue, Mar 04 2014   by Digger:

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Posted 10:11
Wed November 30
by magdah

I like seeing everyone's comments, it's interesting to get feedback on these. It has become necessary to include a capctha code unfortunately, because deleting a few HUNDRED spam comments (penis penisVIAGRA!) a day just isn't something I want to deal with.

Please continue to make comments, and if you have questions, go down to the "contact" link, as the comments are linked to each comic, so I might not see a question or you might not find your answer later. =)

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