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Uploaded by magdah at 00:01 on 26 December
Posted at 20:18   Mon, Dec 26 2011   by Joel:




Products! Products you say? Yeah, you can buy stuff!

Posted 12:10
Tue December 27
by magdah

For a limited time only...you can purchase mini-comic bookmarks! A set of 5 bookmarks (measured 7 1/2"x2") for only $6 (+ s&h, which is roughly $1.50, unless you're outside the US, but it will still be under $4) aren't you excited? Glossy, lovely bookmarks for your marking pleasure!

If books aren't really your thing, I am also offering custom-carved stamps! I only recently learned how to do this, so I'm making dice stamps available for order, you can request other stamps (I might do the comic characters, or the DL logo) but they'll cost a bit more. Mini (they measure about half an inch) dice stamps are available for $4 each (+ s&h, see above).

Check them out!

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