The Doomed Legion goes camping!

Comic #70

Uploaded by magdah at 00:01 on 10 October


Schedule Change

Posted 09:37
Sat October 08
by magdah

Every day updates will be ending soon! However, M-W-F schedule will be in effect, so please visit often and enjoy! If you want to help keep us afloat, donations are welcome, but not required. Commissions are also available, use the contact link for more information. Void where prohibited, not suitable for children under 3, may cause choking hazards and see you on the flip side!

The Doomed Legion is a gaming club based in California, we are a group of 20-somethings who spend our free time playing games and brainstorming new adventures, ideas and shenanigans. We chronicled here, exaggerated, and made larger-than-life for your enjoyment.
Doomed Legion Games is a company we created and currently there are some original games for sale on the DLG site, should you be interested in such things. =)

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